15 AMAZING Noodle Pull Photos!

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Okay, we LOVE cheese pulls. Dripping chocolate, pizza pulls… The list goes on. But we think that 2017 is the year of the ~noodle pull~.

That epic moment when you pull your chopsticks up and behold – the most Instagram-worthy view of your noodle dish.

Here at 15 that we’ve scouted from the ‘Gram to feast your eyes upon. Get drooling!

These Dan Dan Noodles made my heart skip a beat From @midtownchinese #Brunchboys #BrunchboysTravels

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perfect morning for homemade kimchi noodle soup ? thank you @jamesctracey for making this just because i was cold & hungry ? #CYcooks

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With your messed up hair and your feet still bare, you should order from @ubereats today ??

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It's peanut butter noodle time

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?: @indulgenteats Breakfast done right #liftingnoodles ?

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