You know that conundrum you get in when you have a giant bowl of deliciously moist cake batter and an empty cake tin on the bench? What do you do?
Do you stick out the recipe, pour the batter in the tin and cook a nice little fluffy cake? Or do you get a fucking straw and go ham on that raw cake batter until you feel like a kid the morning after Halloween?
Well – welcome to the happy medium. Grab some paper towels now if you’re prone to drooling.

1. Cake Batter Milkshake

Holy shit – I thought I was joking about that “grab a straw” thing, but I guess anything is possible if you put your mind to it ❤️

2.  Cake Batter Martini 

When this ~adulting~ thing gets too much for you.

3. Cake Batter Oreo Fudge 

It’s official – heaven is a place on earth.

4. Deep Fried Cake Batter 

It was only a matter of time before somebody attempted this ungodly experiment. And aren’t we all so grateful.
cake batter

5. Cake Batter French Toast 

It’s perfectly acceptable to eat cake batter first thing in the morning – look it even has toast! That’s nutritious right?
french toast

6. Cake Batter White Hot Chocolate

Let’s continue this ~drink your cake batter~ madness – the winter edition. Curl up by the fire and cosy in with one of these bad boys.

7. Birthday Cake Cannoli 

The perfect mix of crispy and gooey. Yum.
Birthday cake cannolis

8. Funfetti Poke Cake

Okay, this officially the funnest looking cake I’ve ever seen.