Ever dreamt of floating in gorgeous blue waters with a few tacos and margaritas in your hands? Well we have and it seems this particular dream came true!

Just off the coast of the Caribbean in the U.S. Virgin Islands is where Lime Out floats; a solar-powered gourmet taco-and-cocktail boat.

Having just opened in March, it is the first of its kind in the Caribbean, and the team puts together ‘food truck’ style eats, offering bites such as tacos filled with citrus-marinated ceviche, green curry chicken, and β€œrum ribs.”

Swim or sail up to the boat to grab-and-go on one side while the other serves as the bar’s Caribbean Sea hangout. Loaded with a water-level wooden bar and submerged seats allowing you to stay cool whilst you munch and sip.

If you plan on heading to The Caribbean and checking out Lime Out, do send us a few snaps to share. This is one holiday we’d love to be on.