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Our Very Own Arabian Adventure, Dubai

We float, drive, fly & eat our way around the Dubai desert..

It’s 4am and the phone is buzzing, “Get up, we’re going to be late.”

As we step out of the Taj Dubai so early in the morning, only this could get us up at the crack of dawn from our beauty sleep. Hoping on to a bus with the chaps at Arabian Adventures, we were off to fly over the Dubai desert in a hot air balloon.


The balloon is filled and we were up – floating over sand dunes and antellopes, gazing at the sun rise as it burns its light through the clouds and breathing in the fresh cold air levitating high above.

It was a magical experience, one I could only recommend to those reading this.




Feeling a little bit more adventurous? Arabian Adventures can hook you up with an afternoon on the sand jumping over the dunes with these awesome all terrain dune buggies.

desertsafari22  desertsafari20 desertsafari21


Look what we found. A random camel sanctuary and a lonely tree. I think it needs a hug.



Or take to the air over Dubai in a sea plane with the Arabian Adventures Seawings experience.

What was once a desert, you can wing your way high above the Burj Al Arab and take a peek below at one of the greatest cities and transformations in the world.

seawings1 seawings2 seawings3 seawings4

seawings5 seawings6

Amazing what humans can do.

Above is the Palm Jumeirah, housing some of the greatest and grandest hotels in the world.

And below are the World Islands, made to mimic a rough map of the world. Both are artificial archipelagos located in the waters of the Persian Gulf, on the coast of Dubai.



End your day off with a desert dinner safari with the team at Arabian Adventures.

Away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, your experienced safari guides will drive you in their 4×4 vehicles over the sand dunes through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve into the heart of the desert. Just make sure you don’t hit your head on the roof as it tends to get a little bumpy.

Hungry? Feast under the stars with a Middle Eastern feed of grilled meats, salads, sweets and drinks at their Bedouin-style camp.


Fresh warm coffee and sweet, sweet dates on arrival. Why thank you sir!




This magical machine is called a tanour/tandour and it’s used to make the best damn flat bread EVER! Made of clay, this beauty is powered by the heat of wood fire.

Once the dough is rolled out, a splash of water is dabbed on one side to prevent it from burning as it sticks onto the walls of the tanour. This produces the perfect light and fluffy flatbread needed to devour any Middle Eastern feast.








From belly dancing to flying high, Arabian Adventures does it all and does it well! If you’re looking for a memorable life changing experience in Dubai, then you can book your very own Arabian Adventure via their website


A huge thank you to Arabian Adventures for the truly life changing day and fantastic hospitality.


Food Porn travelled as guests of Dubai Tourism. #mydubai

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