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Award winning Celebrity chef Dipna Anand launches signature book Beyond Brilliant

Dipna Anand has already made her mark in the food world.  Not only is her restaurant Brilliant (located in Southall) one of Prince Charles’s favourites, it has an abundance of A List celebrity fans as well. This talented chef recently won a respected accolade from the British Curry Awards that was announced by Prime Minister David Cameron, as well as a National award from The British Nutrition Foundation and is about to launch her signature recipe book Beyond Brilliant.

The family run restaurant Brilliant was established nearly 40 years ago.  Dining there it’s not unusual to see a famous face, with non other than Kevin Costner, Chris Tarrant, Borris Johnson, Prince Charles, Cliff Richard, Eastenders Cast, Bollywood celebrities, Gordon Ramsay, Princess Ann and The Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles who have all visited the restaurant which surely lives up to its name.

Dipna is set to be the woman to transform the perception of Indian food as going hand-in-hand with healthy food.  She’s a woman on a mission – a mission to prove that Indian food can be tasty and good for you at the same time. And if anyone can succeed in this mission, it’s Dipna Anand.

As the third generation of a family of chefs, Dipna has cooking in her blood. For almost 40 years, her family’s restaurant, Brilliant, has served traditional Punjabi cuisine of the highest order – praised by everyone including Gordon Ramsay, who named Brilliant one of his ‘Best Restaurants’ for his Channel 4 TV show.

Now Dipna is taking the restaurant to new heights, building on those authentic recipes with ones of her own, which focus on healthy ingredients and low-fat cooking techniques. It’s a pioneering approach that’s set to shake up the world of Indian food.

In this book, Dipna reveals the secrets behind her success. Follow her simple advice, and you too will be producing Brilliant food in no time.

Beyond Brilliant will be available from April 29th at Amazon, and


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