Check Out This Flat-Packed Christmas Tree Made Of Pure Chocolate

Alain Ducasse said to eat your Christmas tree!...

Tired of packing and unpacking the Christmas tree every year? Would you rather just eat it away? Yes, so would we.

Released by French chocolatier Le Chocolat by Alain Ducasse, is this chocolate Christmas tree that can be assembled easily from a flat-pack box.


The eight-inch tree was produced by graphic designer Pierre Tachon, and it consists of six milk or dark chocolate discs garnished with organic cereals and dried fruits, which can be layered to form a “tree”. It includes a pair of white gloves to wear so you don’t melt the chocolate whilst building it because let’s be real here, it would piss anyone off.
You can click here to purchase your very own Alain Ducasse Christmas tree.


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