Dayne Levinrad, a barista at a small cafe in South Africa, is the genius behind this craze sweeping Instagram. It’s a latte – in an actual waffle cone. Coated with chocolate.

The former marketing executive has used Instagram craftily to get #coffeeinacone up to over 1,000,000 tags since January.

DON’T try this at home – it took the team at The Grind Coffee Company a bit of experimentation to get the wafer thick enough to hold the hot coffee. The answer? Four layers of pure hardened chocolate. Ohhhhhh yeah.

Because food is always more fun with a healthy dose of ADRENALIN, drinkers only have 10 MINUTES to drink their coffee before the wafer cone melts, evaporates, pours down their white sleeves and life as we know it descends into anarchy and chaos.

Add this to list of weird coffee things right after deconstructed coffee and colourful lattes. What’s next, ya beautiful weirdos?