We’re so #blessed to live in a technologically advanced society that can turn your face into a waffle on Snapchat or you know, instant contact literally any human anywhere in the world.


But this is it, guys. We’ve reached peak future. Dominos has launched a PIZZA DELIVERY DRONE.

No longer will humble humans be subjected to the dull concepts of ‘walking’, ‘driving’ or ‘having human contact when you need food.’ The pizza-copter will fly 60m into the air, travel to its destination at roughly 30km/hr and drop the pizza down by cable.

If this isn’t enough, the geniuses at Dominos have also unveiled a robot delivery boy. The little guy, called DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit), looks like Wall-E’s more adorable, most useful and more pizza-y cousin. Seriously, look how CUTE he is. My heart is melting more than the cheese is melting on those delicious pizzas.


Brisbane, Australia, will be lucky enough to get DRU within the next six months.

The drone on the other hand is launching in NZ next month, but won’t be getting to Australia until the government loosens some regulations around air traffic and drones.

Malcolm Turnbull hasn’t responded to a letter written by Domino’s CEO asking for leniency on these regulations for the company. I bet he’s just seen I, Robot one too many times.

I for one welcome our new pizza robot overlords.