This Flavoured Cup Turns The Taste Of Water Into Juice

What do you think about these flavour cups? ...

Shame it can’t change the taste to wine, would’ve been a miracle!

This is The Right Cup and it messes with your brain. Embedded into the cup are FDA-approved fruity scents and flavours such as oranges, berries, lemon-lime, or apples. If you’ve added water to the cup, the flavour has instantly changed.

In hopes that people start drinking more water, this would definitely help hit the recommended 8 cups a day [ don’t drink more than 4 litres, you could get water poisoning].

Getting funded through Indiegogo, it as taken 6 years to get here with an end goal of $50,000. If and when these cups get funded, they’ll be shipped out in April 2016, worldwide.

We’re definitely backing this one, what about you?


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