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Fluffe: Sydney’s Artisanal Cotton Candy King

Have you ever had Unicorn Poop flavoured Cotton Candy?

I have a real soft spot for cotton candy / fairy floss. The texture, the weird yet enticing feeling of cotton on the tongue. Ahhh. Gimmie some now! Anyways….

We caught up with Nathan from Fluffe at Parramatta Lanes [ A Good Food Month event ] in Sydney last week. He whips up magical fairy floss with amazing flavours such tropica, unicorn poop [ yes you read that correctly ], mojito and birthday cake topped with 100’s and 1000’s. And you know what, it’s freaking incredible. 



This is Nathan’s Story.

“Fluffe was conceived by accident.

After finishing high school, I knew I wanted to pursue design, but if I wanted to study it further at University, I needed a portfolio before anything else (everywhere required one in order to apply). Fresh out of high school, I had nothing of substance to fill it with and I tried to create lots of pieces & quick so I could apply before the cut-off. 

I thought I’d try creating some logos for made up businesses, and the businesses were all dumb things like neckties, pencils and fairy floss. But I found myself working on the fairy floss one a lot more than the others, and about a week after coming up with the concept, I bought a machine. (at least if it didn’t turn into a business I would be able to make fairy floss whenever I wanted, right?) I had no idea how I was going to turn this pathetic logo into a fully-functioning business, but I guess the idea of potentially having 24hr access to fairy floss overlooked that.

In 2014 I started my first year of Uni studying design (it’s called ‘communication design’, which I think is graphic design? I really have no idea) and I spent that 12 months developing branding, coming up with flavour ideas, creating a website & sorting out all the scary legalities that needed to be ironed out so I could actually do this. A lot of that year was also spent on figuring out how to flavour sugar (harder than you think) but once I found a method that worked, I set off.

I didn’t officially launch Fluffë until May this year at Finders Keepers in Sydney, and I thought that if it was going to take off, that would be the place. It did, and it was great! I was so overwhelmed by the response! Nobody disregarded it and turned their nose thinking it was regular fairy floss (like some of the older demographic do) and I loved seeing how excited and happy people would get as I spun it into shapes bigger than their heads.

So now, I do Fluffë & I’m in my second year of Uni. I’m not sure what the plan is after Uni ends, but I’m perfectly fine with not knowing. And as it turns out, I didn’t even need the portfolio to apply in the first place. They scrapped it a week before I decided to apply and I was allowed to study with no questions asked.”

And with that folks, you get Australia’s best cotton candy. Why? Because no one else is making Unicorn Poop flavour! I wonder what that shit tastes like?

Want some Fluffe? Follow Fluffe’s Instagram to find out where they’ll be waiving their cotton candy wand at.

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