Wings. Burgers. Shakes. Fries. YUM.

If you want to eat wings so ridiculously delicious that you have a life-altering epiphany, yeah. Go to Brother Burger. Washing down some crispy scrumptious wings with inventive flavour combinations with some craft beer is definitely my idea of a good time.

The first round of wings to hit our lips was the Wings Fizz – which can best be described as what would happen if a mad scientist had a field day with some honey soy chicken wings. You pour a fizzy lime sherbet seasoning over the lemony wings and watch them fizz and bubble. They’re perfectly tender and zesty.

Buffalo wings with a perfectly creamy ranch dressing, spicy and sweet wasabi wings, wings that are labelled GTFO 18+ because they feature the world’s hottest chilli… This wings menu is ace.

The favourite was the PB + J wings – a combination so intriguingly inventive that it somehow works. The sweetness of the jelly gives a nice rounded flavour to the satay-esque peanutty wings and will send you into euphoriaaaaa.

Okay, if you like sweet potato chips… Oh. My God. They make the PERFECT sweet potato chips.

And that Funguy mushroom burger? GAVE ME LIFE. The crispy juicy mushroom squeezed between two perfectly charred buns with avo and an occasional hit of chilli… UH. I’m salivating.

Just when we were ready to tap out, the creamiest, velvetiest, tastiest butterscotch milkshake was there to greet us. With house-made butterscotch, it was the milkshake you could only dream of until you try it.

For the wings lovah, the burger lovah, the root beer lover, the shake lover, or just the vegetarian being dragged along with their carnivore friends, you’re going to have a juicy, juicy time at Brother Burger.



Brother Burger 


413 Brunswick Street,
Fitzroy, Melbourne, 3065

(03) 9419 0088


560 Chapel Street
South Yarra, Melbourne 3141

(03) 9041 1393

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