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With an impressively sleek wine bar aesthetic and a dreamy menu that’ll make you wonder why you’ve ever eaten at another restaurant, The Town Mouse in Carlton is somewhere you have to get to. ASAP.

The food is just perfection. Like, eating in silence while nodding your head and making melodic “mmmmmm” sounds perfection. The dishes have a perfect balance of flavour; with combinations of creamy, zesty, fresh and crispy interweaving in each bite. You can taste how carefully thought out the dishes are – you won’t believe your tastebuds.

The wine list has the perfect combination of boutique choices and international legends. If you’re a sucker for a good glass with dinner but feel overwhelmed, the staff will take care of you. They know wine.

I’m still singing the praises about the oysters that arrived on the table first. A deliciously creamy citrus sorbet balanced perfectly with the fresh salt of the oyster. I’ve had my fair share of oysters, but these ones really gave me a salty little kiss and stole my heart.

As a totally bias fan of radishes, the fresh radish and whipped cod roe dish made me go starry-eyed. The cod roe was the perfect condiment I didn’t know I needed every day until I tasted it. Now I’m DREAMING of it.

I literally could not even with the Flathead tail with pipis, preserved orange and fennel. Like, omg. Was giving me LIFE.

The soft and flavoursome fish was cooked TO PERFECTION and went together with the orange and fennel like Beyonce and Jay-Z. I was literally the shocked scream emoji the whole time because I was actually in heaven. The perfect lil’ pipis, the melt-in-your-mouth fish with the zesty flavour explosion in every bite?! CAN’T EVEN.

It came out with some perfectly crunchy sugarsnaps that balanced with the creeeeeeeeeamy goodness of goat’s ricotta. Literally speechless by that point.

Just when I thought I had officially died and gone to food heaven, a dessert came out that just blew my mind. Preserved pineapple with jasmine rice ice cream, shortbread and olive oil was what we got. It put any other delicious after-dinner treat to shame. It was fruitylicious, creamy and flavoursome with the perfect amount of crunch and crisp to it.

If you’re ready for a meal that’ll make you a smitten little foodie, you absolutely gotta get to The Town Mouse. Take it from this punter, I was singing love songs about their food for a week.


The Town Mouse


312 Drummond Street
Carlton, Melbourne, 3053

(03) 9347 3312

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