Fried Chicken & Friends [COOKBOOK]

Hartsyard fried chicken, school-prawn popcorn, crab louie, duck's nuts and more.. ...

Fried chicken made at home is simply, the best. None of this commercial bullshit with added preservatives and other crap destined to stuff up your arteries and give you some sort of disease. No, you need to use real chicken and make it with real friends. GOT IT?!

Husband and wife team, Naomi Hart and Gregory Llewellyn, the awesome pair behind award-winning restaurant Hartsyard, have put together Fried Chicken and Friends. 

A collection of American-inspired recipes, such as the insane Hartsyard fried chicken, school-prawn popcorn, crab louie, duck’s nuts, and a whole bunch of other delicious things you need to make and devour. There’s something there on your mouth, on the right, ON YOUR RIGHT, yep, it’s gone.

So anyway, if you’re feeling a little thirsty and need something to drink, they’ve also gathered a few cocktail recipes such as the Mint Julip, The Smoked Caesar, and the Jack Rose. Sound epic? Well, they are.

Purchase your copy of Fried Chicken & Friends online via Murdoch Books here, grab a few mates and get cooking.

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