Dubbed ‘The McDelivery Couch’, this was made for all us lazy people swiping away for our phone enabled McFlurry and McNugget deliveries.

Designed for four people, the McDelivery Couch is built with McFlurry chillers, built into the dual center consoles to keep drinks nice and cool at 33 degrees Fahrenheit; built-in phone chargers to post your instagram food photo; light up cup holders to find your Diet Coke that came with your x-large fries and triple Big Mac adjustable power back, leg and headrests enabling that ideal eating position; La-Z-Boy’s iClean stain-resistant fabric so wipe that Big Mac sauce right off and a McDelivery with Uber Eats printed blanket, to hide that gut [just sayin’].

The McDelivery Couch will be sent to one lucky fan and it’s free and easy to enter the sweepstakes. Just post a Tweet about your favourite McDelivery with Uber Eats item—whether it be their fries, Big Macs or McFlurries—tagging #McDeliverySweepstakes, @UberEats and @McDonalds. The sweepstakes will run between March 19 and April 8, and you can Tweet out an entry once per person per day. Unfortunately, only limited to US customers, sorry rest of the world.

This Story Originally Appeared On People