The Hahn Radler Sessions

Guacamole, chips and a few Hahn Radlers ...

An ice cold Hahn Radler, crunchy corn chips dipped into fresh, flavoursome guacamole and  some friendly competition over putt putt with mates. That’s  part of the Hahn Radler Infused Life!

To refresh that late-night shopping experience, I joined Recycled Interiors at Westfield Pitt Street, who designed the Hahn Radler putt putt course to bring a little excitement to a regular Thursday evening. Games of golf were  accompanied by the new, refreshing Hahn Radler beer, and a few mouth-watering snacks created by yours truly!

Sampling the Hahn Radler, we decided it would be perfect to infuse in some of our nibbles. You obviously don’t want a ten-course degustation whilst playing a game of putt putt, so we managed to tailor the menu to food you can eat with one hand as you try to get a hole in one. To put these bites together, we go back in time through our worldly travels and picked a handful of bites that left a subtle yet lasting mark.

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Reminiscent of our bar crawls throughout Beirut [of which the experiences can only be told upon request], we had beer nuts and olives soaked and infused in Hahn Radler to enhance the flavours and give it a slight kick.

Whether it be Christmas or just a regular Sunday, an Aussie BBQ is not complete without some tiger prawns. So we brought in some fresh prawns and had them accompanied with a side of refreshing Hahn Radler infused tartare sauce to dip them into. Match made in heaven.

We got a little fancy a couple years back in Dubai and attended a Polo High Tea and remember  the Chicken Waldorf Clubhouse Sandwich we enjoyed with a few beers.  We replicated these for you and they proved really simple and  work perfectly with the light Hahn Radler.

Hitting up a pub in Hong Kong, guac and chips was on the snack menu – a combination you can never go wrong with. Hence, fresh guacamole with red onion and tomato served with crunchy corn chips and a Hahn Radler paired  quite well at the event.

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Playing around with the new Hahn Radler and incorporating it into the menu at the event was a fun way we explored how this new, summer beer would fit into the coming warmer season. In case you didn’t know, the Hahn Radler takes its name from the traditional German Radler style of beer. The word Radler is German for ‘cyclist’, having originated when a local Bavarian tavern owner built a path through the forest to his tavern for cyclists to refresh themselves after a ride with a beer and lemon mix.

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