Have You Seen This Awesome Chicken McNugget Dispenser Made Of Lego?

McNuggets for daysss!...

I think someday, we will all need this Lego McDonald’s Chicken Nugget Machine that pushes out boxes of the nuggets and sauce packets.

The team behind the popular YouTube channel Astonishing Studios uploaded a how-to video on building a machine built entirely from Legos that dispenses McDonald’s chicken nuggets and sauce with the insertion of 2 Euros using the Lego Mindstorms set (a toolset for building and programming Lego robots.)

As the proper coin is pushed into the machine’s slot, it triggers a motor that pushes out the stored boxes of chicken nuggets and sauce packs in seconds.

“I was thinking of the next LEGO machine when I realized you can never fail with McDonald’s,” the creator wrote in a description for the tutorial. “The McNugget is the greatest invention since the LEGO brick itself, so I hope you’re lovin’ it.” It doesn’t appear that this item is currently available for sale, but Astonishing Studios sells a few other Lego machines on its site.

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