Did You Hear?! The Grand Mac Might Be Coming.

I for one welcome our new Grand Big Mac overlords.

Earlier this year, McDonalds announced it would introduce a burger to Ohio and Texas that previously only Spain and The Netherlands were blessed enough to receive.

A Big Mac… But with:

Double the cheese.

A bigger bun.

A third of a pound of beef.

Double the orgasm-factor.

THE GRAND BIG MAC. Check this shit out.


The Mac to end all Macs.

This burger comes during a string of Big Mac innovations over the past twelve months as McDonalds attempts to stay competitive in a market they’re no longer dominating. 

The Grand Big Mac came along with it’s cute little cousin, the Mac Jr – a single stacked Mac.


For around a month, Japanese Mac-heads could get their greasy mitts on the Giga Mac, with a staggering four patties – that’s 2.8 times the amount of meaty goodness of the puny normal Big Mac.


This year of Big Mac-ing around isn’t exactly saving McDonalds, but it sure is bringing happy tears to the eyes of burger lovers everywhere.

If all goes well, Grand Big Mac and Mac Jr are going to eventually spread around the world, rising cholesterol levels shore to shore.

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