Make Your Own Ramen At Home With This Simple Ramen Maker

It's time you made your own fresh ramen....

Still a kid at heart? A college student fed up with those cheap cups of ramen? Just want some fresh ramen? Fantastic! Because this ramen version of an Easy Bake Oven is something we all need in our kitchens.

Translated from “Ramen Restaurant in Your Home” , the Mega House O-Uchi de Ramenya is an easy kitchen tool allowing us [ ok it’s for kids but we do want to use this as well ] to make ramen in our very kitchens.

All you have to do is follow an easy recipe of flour, water, salt and eggs; pick one of three cutters to choose the size of your ramen noodles, and voila, they’re done!

“Though this may be marketed as a kids’ toy, we think it’s a product that’ll really get adults excited too ” reports Rocket News 24. Damn straight we’re excited. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!


You can buy the Mega House O-Uchi de Ramenya here from Amazon for $53!


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