Grab Yourself A $9.90 Naked Burrito From Mad Mex

Get Naked with Mad Mex...

Let’s face it, we’re never going to get those six pack abs eating chocolate cake and fast food!

Luckily, Mad Mex like to do things differently, such as mouthwatering fillings, extra guacamole in our burritos and occasionally getting naked. That’s right!

Watch this flash mob get NAKED!

Get Naked with Mad Mex here

Mad Mex has answered our prayers and created the Naked Burrito, a healthy and satisfying fast food option with all the taste, half the calories and it’s only $9.90. Helloooooo summer beach body!!


It’s an open burrito, or burrito in a bowl without the tortilla, which is great because I really need to get rid of these love handles yet still want to enjoy real food, real fast. You can build the Naked Burrito however you like, you can go crazy and add as many toppings as you like, or try out one of the 3 recommended Naked Burritos.


The first is the Mucho Tudo, which means ‘a lot of everything’ and that’s how I like it. You can fill the bowl up with your choice of meat and all the fillings and it adds up to around 802 calories.


For those on a Paleo diet, meet Paulo Paleo. There are no carbs, no processed foods, no dairy, EXTRA protein and it’s approx. 302 calories.


Finally, for those of us who love their food and hate that extra notch on the belt – there’s always Low Carlos. How low can Carlos go? Well he is veggies, beans, no dairy and only 216 calories. Damn it Carlos, you’ve got me.

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Healthy, tasty & fresh and until the end of November, you can grab your very own Naked Burrito for just $9.90, Australia Wide!

[ that’s $1 cheaper than usual ]

Healthy, tasty & fresh and until the end of November, you can grab your very own Naked Burrito for just $9.90 [that’s $1 cheaper than usual], Australia Wide!

Head in store and choose any filling you like from either the freshly grilled steak or chicken, the slow roasted beef or pork and the freshly sautéed veggies.

Add some toppings such as Brown Rice, Black Beans, Cheese, Nacho Cheese, Lettuce, Sour Cream, Jalapeños or the Fajita Mix.

Cover it up with your favourite salsa such as Tomato, Corn, Tomatillo, Roasted Tom, Picante, Onion & Coriander or the world favourite Guacamole!


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