The world of baking is one that never ceases to amaze.

This week, during my routine stumbling around recipes I’ll never make (because I’m a terrible cook and am addicted to Deliveroo), I found this little beauty. Genius pastry chef Heather at the SprinkleBakes blog got a bit crafty after reading through a new Hubble Telescope book and the results are ridiculously cool.

Using confetti sprinkles in the batter makes for an intergalactic marshmallow-y inside, and using painter’s sea sponges with different coloured food dye helped achieve the nebula-inspired exterior.

If you’re game, have a crack at the recipe here! If you’re useless like me, just stare lovingly at it while you eat a pre-made cake from the supermarket.

Black Velvet Galaxy Cake 1

Black Velvet Galaxy Cake 3