Pasta from a 3D Printer??

This week in ~food and technology are clearly soul mates~, we’ve discovered something very cool that will make you happy you live in this decade.

Pasta giant Barilla teamed up with TNO, a Dutch company specialising in applied scientific research, to create an actual 3D printer that creates pasta.

Although it’s still early days of the project, the eventual goal is to be able to load in dough cartridges and create or load in custom designs from a USB stick (I am not making this up) and print out pasta at about 15-20 pieces per minute.

When the printer is all ready, you will be able to use your iPad to choose your designs, whether they be moons, stars, swirls or a rose for that special someone in your life (I am not making this up).

So clearly the future is now. BRB, I’m going to throw out all my packaged boring supermarket pasta – bring on pasta in the shape of the 100 emoji. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Check out the hypnotising video below to see the baby in action.