The Pizza ATM is Totally A Thing.

And it's spreading across the USA and Canada.

Why wait 30 minutes for a pizza to be delivered like a chump, when you can get one at a PIZZA ATM in just 3 minutes?!

This absolutely genius invention from French company Paline, is an automated machine with a touch screen that will quickly provide your dream pizza at any time of the day or night.

The machine holds 70 pre-prepared pizzas at a time. When one is selected, it’s moved from the refrigerated section to an oven which cooks it perfectly in just three minutes. It’s dropped into the delivery box and *voila!* Your insta-pizza is ready.

The Pizza ATMs have been operating in Europe for a couple of years, but they touched down in America at Xavier University very recently. There’s news that they’ll be spreading across the country, but no dates have been set just yet.

Just imagining our hangry selves walking home, needing food right now and seeing this Pizza ATM is totally warming my heart. And making my stomach rumble.

For more information and updates on the Pizza ATM, check out their website here. 



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