Polo High Tea, I thought I’d be sipping tea with the Queen, holding binoculars whilst watching a Royal Polo match. Certainly felt like it.

Feel a little fancy with this Polo High Tea experience by Lime&Tonic at the Desert Palm by Per Aquum in Dubai. Around 30mins from Jumeirah, take a guided tour of an estate and stables before taking in a live polo match as you enjoy an amazing High Tea with premium teas, coffees and soft drinks, as well as gourmet pastries and savoury sandwiches. A complimentary booklet on the rules and history of polo will be given to you on arrival.

And if you’re a shisha addict such as myself, you can order regular or fresh head flavoured shishas after 5.30pm due to UAE laws (Not included in the Experience.)

Book your Polo High Tea here!

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