The Aussie ice-cream scene is one that’s dominated by the big names such as Messina and Ben and Jerry’s – so it’s always interesting to see newbies stepping up to bat.

And what better way to burst onto the scene than with sea salt soft serves topped with fairy floss topped with pop-rock candy and flame grilled marshmallows?

ice cream

Aqua S is a new Sydney-based ice cream parlour that’s getting seriously creative with its sweet treats. Literal angel/genius Jennifer Lam came up with the idea to pour soft serve ice cream atop a pillowy cloud of fairy floss and yep, all our dreams have now come true.

Each second Thursday, the shop changes the flavours they highlight, in addition to their signature sea salt. Tofu, tomato, peach iced tea, shortbread, matcha, rose, milo, purple yam, ribena and mojito are just some of the ridiculous inventions featured.

I think my sweet tooth just got a cavity.