Translucent skin enveloping a silky broth and juicy meatball – this description is of the now ubiquitous xiao long bao.

A dumpling dish which has become a perennial favourite for Sydney-Siders during the winter months. One place which makes some of the best is Taste of Shanghai, located in World Square. Besides xiao long bao, this casual Sydney haunt does offer other specialties that are common to the Shanghai region of China.

On this particular visit, we opted for the classics. Kicking it off with a serving of ‘Shallot Pancakes’ – a savoury pancake that yields the same texture as roti and is studded with shallots.

The pancake is incredibly light and fragrant, a perfect starter. Following this, we are adamant about ordering the famed ‘Pan Fried Pork Buns’. The pork buns are incredibly popular considering that they are incredibly hard to make.

The pork buns are soup-filled like the xiao long baos, but instead of wonton skin, the soup is concealed in a doughy bun which is simultaneously steamed and fried – #muchwow. These are the best here at Taste of Shanghai, perfectly soft and doughy with a crisp bottom and a pool of steamy soup waiting to burst out.

To end the meal we went with the restaurant’s go-to-dish, the Xiao Long Bao and as expected it was delicious. Delicate, meaty, soupy silky, the adjectives could go on but instead of us telling you how good they were it would be better if you went there yourself.


If you’re feening one of the most craved dumpling joints in Sydney, then you need to check out Taste of Shanghai.

Have a peek at their menu via or visit Taste of Shanghai at World Square, 644 George St, Sydney.