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The Free Meal Clean It Yourself Popup By Finish

This was definitely a fun lunch.

In collaboration with chef Miguel Maestre, Finish Dishwashing launched their Clean It Yourself popup. Devouring 3 Courses of gorgeous Mediterranean dishes with wine or beers and all you had to do is literally, clean the dishes yourself as payment. Simple and well worth it.

IMG_2563 IMG_2558

Each menu item costs an allocated time of cleaning up. The more delicious the dish is, the more time you spend cleaning up.

IMG_2567 IMG_2570

Ramekin of mouthwatering green olives and tiny pickles.


Chorizoto a la Freixenet – well cooked chorizo that were full of flavour.


IMG_2633 IMG_2568 IMG_2588

Tigres – These mussels were topped with bechamel, crumbed and fried with their shells and came out rather hot, but add a squeeze of lemon and boom, very delicious. Two each was not enough!



Flamenca Style Eggs – a Spanish style poached egg with haloumi, microherbs and cherry tomatoes.


IMG_2616 IMG_2623

Paella Maestre de Marisco for 2. The best and we wish the pan was a whole lot bigger. A seafood paella filled with the perfect amount of mussels, octopus, calamari, scallops and prawns. It was that good we were fighting over the burn bits on the bottom of the pan.


IMG_2627 IMG_2644

For dessert,we had the Churros Con Chocolate, a board topped with delicious mini churros and liquid dark chocolate poured all over it. And a Santiagos Tart, an orange cake filled with chocolate on the inside; as The Jugernauts said ‘think Jaffa in a cake form.’ This was great.

IMG_2637 IMG_2657 IMG_2648

“This is a genuinely unique concept: a no expense-spared menu, where diners won’t spend a cent,” said Jonathan Weiss, spokesperson for Finish.

“This is the ultimate test for our brand. With Miguel’s tastiest dishes being some of his messiest, people will be able to see the incredible results you can expect from Finish for themselves.”


IMG_2574 IMG_2580

Absolutely loved this popup and reckon there should be more of them. A massive thank you to Miguel Maestre, his team and the people at Finish Dishwashing for an amazing feast and for letting us do the washing up.


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