Top 10 crazy Mac n’ Cheese recipes!

Cheesy, carb loaded goodness...

When it comes to mac n’ cheese, it’s time to experiment. No longer are we reserving this snack option for extreme cravings or moments of laziness. Why shouldn’t Mac n’ Cheese contain more than two ingredients? Why shouldn’t we turn it into a pie or a doughnut OR EVEN A BURRITO??

Mac n’ Cheese is equal parts delicious and disgusting, so what better way to celebrate this carb loaded, gooey miracle than by counting down the top 10 craziest Mac n’ Cheese recipes!! Click images for recipes.

1. Mac Attack Burger

mac n cheese burger

2. Fried Chicken & Mac n’ Cheese Doughnuts

mac n cheese doughnut

3. Mac n’ Cheese Pizza

mac n cheese pizza

4. Mac n’ Cheese Hotdog

mac n cheese hotdog

5. Mac n’ Cheese Tacos

mac n cheese taco

6. Mac n’ Cheese Toastie

mac n cheese toastie

7. Deep Fried Mac n’ Cheese

mac n cheese fried

8. Bacon Weave Mac n’ Cheese Taco

bacon taco

9. Mac n’ Cheese stuffed Fried Chicken

mac n cheese chicken

10. Mac n’ Cheese Dumpling


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