When somebody mentions ‘all you can eat’ or ‘unlimited buffet’, I lose my mind. And I’m pretty sure you would’ve too.

Nine7One, the restaurant at The Oberoi Hotel in Dubai, in conjunction with Lime&Tonic, had a very exciting experience. It’s called The Unlimited Tapas Brunch.

An array of international gourmet dishes gathered and cooked by Chef Vishal and his wonderful team.

Japanese Takoyaki to Indian PaniPuri, Chocolate Truffles and Roast Chicken Buffet, Dessert, Cheese Fondues and much more. There’s even a Gastronomy bar for that liquid nitrogen kick which Chef Vishal explains to you in detail and gets you to try for yourself.

Included with this experience is Unlimited house wines and spirits [ Best Mojitos in Dubai ], Prosecco, and soft drinks are available at the bar.

Grab yourself a plate or two, fill it up, consume and repeat.

A Complimentary limousine is offered after the brunch for two guests when you’re too full and lazy to drive back home or hotel. Booyeh!

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