It’s freaking cold here in Prague.
I’m used to the hot sun and sand at this time of the year, instead I’m here, freezing my nuts off at 4º degrees and in heavy need of a drink to warm me up.

The boys and I got ourselves the Artisinal Absinthe tasting class from Lime&Tonic Prague at Groove Bar which was held
by American expat, Simon Jones. He took us through the amazing and intriguing history of Absinthe accompanied by two hours of tasting six REAL Absinthe (not that green fairy crap we’re all used to) with nibbles such as cheese, sausage, bread and grapes to refresh your palate.

Absinthe 1797 Roquette is based on the original and unpublished recipe for absinthe, from 1797. This absinthe has a unique taste of tangy botanicals.

Absinthe Pernod is an absinthe from the father of absinthe, Henry Louis Pernod, who was the original absinthe producer. This is the classic absinthe, with a floral anise flavour. 

Kubler 53 is a Swiss absinthe marked as “La Bleue”, meaning it has a clear colour. You’ve never seen, or tasted, absinthe like this!

Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72 is a French absinthe aged for nine months. It has a taste of fennel and wormwood thanks to the aging process.

Mead Base Absinthe was created by the Czech distillery Zufanek, according to a recipe based on mead distillate rather than grape distillate, giving it a mellow honey flavour.

Absinthe Butterfly is a Swiss American absinthe dating to the 1870s based on the most popular absinthe consumed in the US before the ban in 1912.

It was the perfect beginning to the night in Prague and definitely do recommend this class if you’re in Prague with friends.

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