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XS Espresso offers nothing but love and insane smoothies....

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Sundays are typically known as a day of relaxation; synonymous with laziness and long brunches that generally lead to a day full of feasting.

Our food journey this Sunday took us to the Western Sydney suburb of Wetherill Park to a rather well known establishment to the locals; XS Espresso. Sounds like just a café that serves some great coffee doesn’t it? It’s that … and just so much more.

Hustled up in the corner of a rather quiet Greenway Shopping Centre, XS Espresso was bustling with Sunday afternoon patrons. It is small yet so very cosy. Decked out with greenery everywhere, it is quite a soothing sight to dreary Sunday morning eyes whilst the smell of pastries and fresh coffee tickle your nostrils.

1. XS Espresso

2. XS Espresso

3. XS Espresso

The walls were lined with extremely comfortable looking lounges with cushions where we got seated promptly, and made ourselves comfortable.

4. XS Espresso


We had heard that this place was quite well known for their smoothies. Hence, we thought we would start with the Cookies & Cream Smoothie and the Iced Mocha. What was brought out within minutes was really a sight to behold, and definitely #instafood worthy!

The Cookies & Cream smoothie was just sweet enough and exactly like a Cookies & Cream ice cream liquefied. It was the perfect amount of creamy, and not too thick and overpowering.

7. Cookies & Cream Smoothie COMBINED

The Iced Mocha was also very flavoursome. There was a great taste of chocolate and cream with that fresh hit of mocha. The bits of diced chocolate within the beverage was a perfect addition along with the chocolate wafer sticks atop!

10. Iced Mocha COMBINED
Arriving next up very timely was the XS Chicken Burger. Grilled chicken on a perfect brioche bun. The bun was soft squeezing into your teeth followed by the perfect grilled chicken. Having a hint of their peri-peri sauce was great, as it brought an element of spice into things, whilst not being too overpowering over the chicken! A great burger is a fresh burger, and a great burger is accompanied by a side of chips. These fried thick cut potato chips were the perfect accompaniment and tasted great let alone, being presented very well!

10. XS Chicken Burger

13. XS Chicken Burger COMBINED
Another signature dish from their sizable menu is the XS Big Breakfast. Everyone likes a healthy big breakfast, and this was just that. Scrambled eggs on top of a crunchy crusted sourdough bread with a variety of delectable sides is a perfect Sunday brunch meal, whether you’ve had that busy weekend doing errands, or a just a big night out! The spinach was saucy and succulent, the avocado was fresh and chunky not bland a too smooth. Top that off with salty mushrooms and tomatoes grilled to perfection and you’ve got the perfect healthy yet satisfying meal.

14. XS Big Breakfast

15. XS Big Breakfast

All in all, if you are looking for a scrumptious healthy breakfast, brunch, lunch or call it what you want, look no further! For great contemporary healthy food coupled with brilliant and friendly service, you need to check out XS Espresso. Don’t forget to try one of smoothies, I’ll be trying the Tim Tam (yes, you read right) one next time I’m around!

XS Espresso is located at 9a/1183 The Horsley Dr, Wetherill Park NSW 2164.
Call them on (02) 9757 4265 or follow them on Facebook.

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