Zumbo’s Doughnut Ice-cream aka Heaven in a Cone

It's the hybrid you've been waiting for...
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If there’s one thing we’re a fan of, it’s hybrid foods! Especially when doughnuts are involved. These crazy cones are the brain child of renowned pastry chef Adriano Zumbo. They’re part sugar coated doughnut, part creamy soft serve and part EVERY KIND OF TOPPING you could imagine.

You want caramelised popcorn on top of your doughnut cone ice-cream? Done. Pretzels and cookie chunks? Done. Gummy bears, musk sticks, sprinkles, crushed biscuits and chocolate chunks? Questionable choices, but DONE.

If you’re in Melbourne, head into Zumbo’s Little Frankie patisserie and grab one for yourself. But you’ll have to be quick, we heard there were lines at 9am.

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